Club Cooper is our Wine Club.  Joining Club Cooper has many benefits and a simple commitment from you.

Club Benefits:

You will receive over the course of the year one case of wine (winemaker’s choice of Mountain Brook wines) in two separate installments of 6 bottles each. Our club is divided into three options, either all red wines, all white wines, or a mix of both. Wines will be made available at members-only pick-up parties and at the wine tasting room. For an additional charge, we will ship them to you.

Your wine club case will be charged at a 15% discount to our retail prices. You will also receive a 15% discount off of the retail price of additional bottles of wine you purchase at the tasting room to take home or via the website for delivery.

We will also have club member only events throughout the year.

Club members will receive early registration benefits for many events at Mountain Brook Vineyards during the year.

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Club Commitments:

You commit to a minimum purchase of 12 bottles (one case) each year. Releases will be two times a year (six bottles each release). We will charge your credit card on the release date and you can pick up your wines at release at the Winery or have them shipped to you (extra charges apply). Releases will ordinarily be in the Spring & Fall.

You will agree to provide us with a credit card that will remain on file. You will be charged during the week of release at a 15% discount off the retail prices for the wines included in each shipment (10% case discount + 5% additional club discount). If you have asked for the wine to shipped to you, the additional charges will also be charged to your credit card on file.

About Cooper and Coopering

Cooper (the dog)

Cooper is the Mountain Brook Vineyards original (and only) official winery dog.  (Yes – he even has his own Facebook page ).  He is an adorable yellow Labrador retriever who seeks to make everyone, young and old, feel welcome and happy during your visits to Mountain Brook.

Pets are welcome at Mountain Brook Vineyards

Coopering (the professional)

Coopering is the art and science of preserving and transporting liquids that evolved first with leather, then in amphorae (earthenware), and finally around 225 BC, wooden containers.  . These wooden casks (which includes what we recognize today as wine barrels as well as other containers) provided numerous solutions, as the shape stood up to pressure, traveled easily, and allowed for aging.  A cooper is a person trained to make wooden casks, barrels, vats, buckets, tubs, troughs and other staved containers from timber that was usually heated or steamed to make it pliable.  And while the 20th century introduced many other convenient means of preserving and transporting good, wines and other alcoholic beverages continue to be aged, stored and shipped in barrels made by professional coopers.

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