Surround yourself with beautiful views, wonderful friends, and great wines at the Mountain Brook Vineyards Tasting Room located in the beautiful Tryon Foothills of North Carolina.

Come and Visit Us!

Flowers at Mountain Brook Vineyards

Our Tasting Room is open the public during our normal business hours and features the following amenities to enhance you experience. Reservations are required for parties of 8 or more with groups larger than 15 required to purchase a private reservation.

The Tasting Room Hours are:

Monday Noon-7:00PM
Tuesday Noon-7:00pm
Wednesday Noon-7:00PM
Thursday Noon-7:00PM
Friday Noon-8:00PM
Saturday Noon-8:00PM
Sunday Noon-7:00PM

Be sure to check out our events page for the latest news about food-trucks, live music and other happenings at the tasting room.  You can also check out our menu to familiarize yourself with the offerings that are available.

Mountain Brook Vineyards Tasting Room